• Expand your Earnings with Referrals, Don’t Limit It!
    • Do you have someone you know would love to use our services or our partner’s services? Don’t keep the secret to yourself, share the secret! Both and you your referral can benefit from using the services we provide. And just as a thanks from us, we’ll give you some of their earnings and money that they invest with us.
  • Simplestic Referral System – You don’t have to be an expert
    • You don’t need any experience, just spread the word to your friends, buddies, or anyone you know. Referring is as simple as providing someone with your referral link or banner. Anyone who signs up under your referral link will be signed up under you! It’s that simple.
  • One Referral Can Go A Long Way – Not Limited to Just One Site
    • Suppose you refer your friend to LogiPTC, but then later your friend decides to use one of our partner sites, such as LogiTRAFFIC. Will you benefit if he buys from LogiTRAFFIC? The answer is YES! By just referring one person, you have the potential to earn from any activity he does within our network.
  • Promote Our services – Use Our Featured Advertisement
    • We have provided you with your referral links and banner codes below with which you may promote our site with. By using our banners, you won’t have to waste your time making one, allowing you to instantly promote our website by placing the banner on your website, blog, community… etc. Alternatively, you could get creative and make your own banner, and simply attach your referral link to it. Experiment and find out the best way you can use our system to boost your profits.
  • Grow With Us – Expand Your profits While We Expand Our Features
    • We’re a growing company that loves changes, improvements and most of all, suggestions, that we receive from clients just like you! With new features being added to our sites and partners frequently, there is always something about us to boast about to your friends. And with the quality support that we deliver to our clients, you can be assured that your referral will be very happy that you referred him or her to our company.

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